Now Hear This

This lively show demonstrates music technology in a way never heard before!

Find out about the science of sound; the waves, the vibrations and how sound travels. Discover how to turn objects around your home into powerful speakers and explore the links between mobile phone ringtones and computer game music.

Explore how modern music comes to life with the aid of the latest computer and keyboard technology. Volunteers can try out mixing, recording and have their voices re-arranged with some very peculiar results. Volunteers can even jam live on stage using the latest live performance technology like Ableton's Launchpad and the legendary Korg Triton Extreme synthesiser.

"Excellent, informative and enyojable science show"
M Edwards, Bankfield School

"Great show, kids enjoyed it and got involved, would recommend and book again"
Manda Gillard, Maestro Services, Liverpool Science Festival

"Rob captivated his audience"
Fred Doherty, Visitor Services Manager, World Museum Liverpool

"A really enjoyable session with lots of audience participation - like nothing we have seen before!"
A Cudworth, Friesland School, Nottingham

Running Time: 50 minutes

Setup Time: 90 minutes

Suitability: KS2, 3 & 4

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