Eco On-Show

This interactive presentation cuts through the myths and misperceptions surrounding waste and energy.

Discover the science behind Reducing, Reusing and Recycling and other environmental practises. Food miles, carbon footprints and consumer choice are all investigated using practical demonstrations and audience volunteers, with eye-opening results!

There's also a chance for audience members to try out our electricity-generating bike. As the pedals are pushed round the bike makes electricity - it's as simple as that! What most people don't realise is that electricity is very hard to make when you're responsible for making it. Most volunteers have said it's like trying to pedal quickly up a very steep hill!

This show lasts for around 50 minutes and can be run up to 4 times during a school day. It can be set up in a room or hall in around 15 minutes and removed just as quickly. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer during the show and it always promotes a lot of discussion!

Eco On-Show is a great way to start and eco week or a green fair at your school or community centre.

Running Time: 50 minutes

Setup Time: 45 minutes

Suitability: Foundation / KS1 & 2

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